We at RAJNETA.org come up with a solution which will enhance the power of communication with your audience in your area.

Why you should have an own application.

  • Android App is a great campaign and PR management tool for politicians. Political leaders are constantly busy in public space and there is a need to showcase the good work. Media might not give proper coverage to them all the time. A dedicated app is a good tool to keep followers updated with the work, views and future plans.
  • This app becomes even more important when there is an election around the corner. Notifications about public meetings can be sent on this app. Detail descriptions about past meetings can be posted. Broadcasts can be made and a communication channel to voters can be established through this app.
  • By having a mobile app, the brand is in followers’ pocket and with them all the time. App icon provides an extra reminder of the brand; follower keeps the brand in mind for long time.
  • Mobile apps for politicians are still rare, and this is where a politician can take a big leap over competitors.
  • Content go viral by letting users share posts to friends via mobile chat apps like Whatsapp & Facebook messenger.
  • The most frequent complaints about politicians are that they don’t listen once they win. An inbuilt chat messenger can be activated to let users raise issues and be heard by the team.
  • Messaging and news feed posts are best weapons to carry out an efficient election campaign. Politician can send a message to unlimited number of users. They can convey election messages, public meeting schedules and inauguration etc. through messages.
  • Access to Internet can fluctuate throughout the day, but a native mobile app keeps the content in internal storage and provides seamless access even when user is not connected to Internet.
  • World is moving from desktop to mobile-first to mobile-only era. Mobile apps provide more engagement from users as they are permanently installed on their mobile phones.

Benefits to Leader:

# Your own android mobile application will make you special amongst competitors.
# You can get in touch anytime with your application audience through sending notifications or sending them text or video messages.
# You can run a poll or survey on the app and get the mood of your audience any day.
# You all social media platform will be integrated at one place.
# You can publish your schedule in the application which will help your audience to be updated.
# This is free of cost developed mobile application from RAJNETA.org so need not to pay any cost.

Benefit to Audeince:

# Audience will get the entire information of social media activity at one place. He or she may not to open multiple sites or apps to watch or reply or communicate to their leader.
# Audience will get the entire career journey & profile of their leader at one place.
# Audience can communicate or raise their voice/ questions to their leader on application which could be resolved by leader’s team.
# Audience can participate in surveys or polls to development of their area.
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